Ash Chapel - Incorporating Revelation Church


You may have never heard the Gospel…

You may never have tried church!!

You may have tried church, but been disappointed!!

You may have tried church, but felt you didn’t fit in!!

Maybe it’s time to try or try again!! Why? Because you matter! We are interested in you… so it does not matter what your age, ethnicity, education, wealth, work status… you are important to the Lord and to us…

What is important is that God loves you, and that we care about you, because you really do matter. If you would like to try or try again, we can assure you of a very warm welcome at Ash Chapel.

The vision for Ash Chapel is that we would be a place where those who want a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, through grace by faith (not rules) will be nurtured and fed, to grow and develop their lives in the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ash Chapel, Chapel Wood Road, New Ash Green, TN15 7HX  

Our Sunday Morning Service is at 10:30 –  we look forward to seeing you

You can also meet us in the Glad Tidings Bookshop [behind the Chapel] on

Wednesday 1-4 & Saturday 10-1